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In-Die Tapping

For most stamped parts with a tapped hole or holes, IN-DIE TAPPING has become the only competitive alternative to secondary tapping. Secondary tapping of stamped parts has always been far more costly then the stamping operation. The following are some of the features of the In-die tapping heads:

  • Press speed up to 250 strokes per minute
  • Compact design
  • Simple installation
  • High torque driver extends service life
  • Quick change twist lock lead screw assembly
  • Change taps in seconds while in the press
  • Use standard cut or roll form taps
  • Lead screw tapping assures quality threads
  • Through Tool Coolant Capabilities
  • Misfeed protection prevents tap breakage
  • Change tap size and pitch in only minutes
  • Solid steel construction
  • Change from die to die in minutes
  • Capacity 2-56 to 1-1/4″-12 (or metric equivalent)
  • Made in the USA

Multiple Spindle and Special In-Die Tapping Units

Multiple spindle tapping units have distinct advantages over individual in-die tapping units. Parts with multiple tapped holes can often be tapped in a single station which saves die space and tooling costs. With the twist lock lead screw assembly any combination of pitch and tap diameters can be combined in a single multiple unit. The TH-55 high torque driver can tap as many as eight 5/16″- 18 holes in a single tapped part.

We specialize in custom in-die tapping units built to customers specifications. Whether a tapped part has three #4-40 or five 3/8″- 16 tapped holes, we will build a top down, bottom up, or rapid advance multiple spindle in-die tapping unit to fit your requirements while keeping costs to a minimum.